For Patients

Your First Massage Therapy Visit

Please arrive 10-15mins early for your initial Massage Therapy visit as we will require you to fill out some necessary paperwork for us. This will include filling in a Health History form, as well as signing a Consent form.  You will then have a discussion with the Registered Massage Therapist, which will include information about the reason for visit, and any health issues that need to be addressed. Depending on severity of the condition or injury, a short assessment will be performed to give the RMT more information regarding your area of concern as well as allow for an effective treatment plan to be developed.   The RMT will review the treatment plan with you and discuss expectations regarding response to treatment.

On your first visit please be prepared, should time allow for it, for treatment  to begin on your first day.  Your first massage will not be as long as your following sessions as part of your first appointment includes your assessment.

Reassessments will occur after a few visits in order to keep track of your progress. Please remember to always provide your RMT with feedback regarding your response to treatment so they can adjust your treatment accordingly.