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Westmount Physiotherapy is excited to welcome Jinal Patel to the team! Jinal will be joining our wonderful team of Physiotherapists.  She graduated from Gujarat University in 2016 with Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. She is a Registered Physiotherapist with a strong desire to provide the highest possible level of patient care. Her treatment approach is client-centered with a combination of manual therapy using a variety of tools such as, education, taping, and exercise p...
Posted on 2024-02-29
Dr. Robinson has a pregnancy pillow that allows her to comfortably treat pregnant women while lying on their stomachs No more missing treatment because you can’t lay on your stomach!! If you or someone you know would benefit from this give the clinic a call to book
Posted on 2024-02-08
 Dr. Robinson is expanding her hours!! She is now available Monday through Friday and every other Saturday. Give the clinic a call to book your chiropractic assessment or adjustment!
Posted on 2023-09-11
Gurpal is a first year McMaster University Physiotherapy student who just finished a six week placement with Westmount. He has been an awesome addition to the team and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Good luck Gurpal!!
Posted on 2023-07-27
Are you a runner? We provide running assessments!! A typical running assessment will start with an interview process with the therapist where you and the therapist will discuss running habits.Once that information is collected the therapist will do a formal physical assessment including range of motion, strength, flexibility, etc. After the physical assessment is completed the therapist will work through a functional assessment which can be as simple as squats/step ups or more complex tasks ...
Posted on 2023-07-20
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